About Us

NOVID-50 started with a voluntary team of 20 people hacking the COVID-19 crisis at the Global Hack - an online event where teams across the world come up with working solutions for the problem in 48 hours.

Our team tackles the root cause of pandemics caused by animal-borne diseases: intensive animal use. This has created environments where viruses like COVID-19 (but also swine flu, bird flu, and others) can spread from animals to humans.

Together, we're calling on the United Nations to create an exit strategy from industrial animal farms, wet markets with animals, and all unnatural animal use. That's the real solution that the world needs - and that the Global Hack is searching for. Our ambitious goal is to get 1,000,000 signatures in 24 hours.

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Right now we all need someone to tell us "It's okay, we'll be alright".

But that's a lie.

We are living in a worldwide crisis. Now is the time to change things. NOVID-50 is an advocacy group that exists to petition the UN to create an exit strategy from industrial animal farming.

Everything has to start somewhere. Everything has to end. Between those two, time is ticking.

Right now we're ending humanity much quicker than future generations would like.

We can either watch the house burn and the fire spread or we can put the fire out before even worse happens.

There's a virus out there. It's not the first and definitely not the last.

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